This program changed a lot in my life — my personality, my attitude to people, and my vision of the library's role.
Kyrgyzstan Local Libraries
Why work with ITD?

Our sponsors and partners appreciate and rely on ITD's strengths:

Experience: ITD has almost thirty years of experience providing training, exchange, and internship projects for countries worldwide. More than 3,300 people from 100 countries have participated in ITD programs.

Delivery of Expertise: ITD has access to some of the top minds in the US. Our far-reaching network of professionals includes university professors, international and regional consultants, national and local government offices, and non-governmental organizations.

Adaptability: ITD has developed an extensive array of courses and programs that can be adapted to suit the particular needs of our sponsors.

Sustainability: ITD provides follow-on components for our projects to maximize the scope and depth of the training.

Evaluation: ITD projects include a thorough evaluation component which extends from participant input and feedback during the stateside program to impact evaluations as each project concludes.

ITD's work with a wide range of sponsors and partners has led to profound intercultural learning experiences. If you are interested in becoming an ITD sponsor, or in partnering with ITD on a particular project, please contact Mark Protti.