I had some plans and goals before coming here, wanted to fulfill at least one, but ...all my expectations were surpassed.
Ukraine Disability participant

Between January 7 and February 6, 2019, ITD will be hosting its Study of the U.S. Insitute for Student Leaders from the Western Hemisphere. 20 students from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay will spend five weeks learning about Social Entrepreneurship, leadership skills, community service, and overall U.S. history. As part of their program, ITD recruits student mentors from nearby universities to help the SUSI students learn more about being a student in the U.S. and draw a comparison to their student experience in their home countries. 
Student mentors should spend about ten hours a week with the international students for the duration of the program, mostly during the evenings. 
If you are interested in being a student mentor, or have any questions regarding this position, please email Alejandro Alfaro at alejandro@itdamherst.org