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Miguel Marin Welcomed a Delegation from Melilla Acoge


[Originally published on: Thursday, December 6th, 2007.]

During the month of July there was an exchange held between the United States and Spain due to a project about minorities’ integration in both countries.

Yesterday Vice President Miguel Marín welcomed to the Assembly a delegation of translators and interpreters from Melilla Acoge. The organization, through which an exchange between the United States and Spain was made this past July for an integration project between both countries, is the motivation behind this visit.

This is why last July people from Southern Spain, including from newspapers or organizations like Melilla Acoge, among others, went to that country to see how American citizens work with immigrants.  “And now it’s their turn to come to Spain,” pointed out Isabel Torrente, a Melilla Acoge staffperson.

Julie Hooks, this project’s coordinator, commented that the city’s immigration situation is “somewhat complex,” for which she notes that the work done by this association is “essential” for Moroccan people, where it can be said it “saves a lot of lives."