The spirit to build a better journalism I took from ITD. Unforgetable experience...
Indonesia Journalism participant

The ITD House provides lodging to our international participants during their programs here in Amherst, and occasionally to our US delegations.  Past participants are united in their enthusiasm for its homey atmosphere and beautiful and historic features.  And being nestled in an Amherst neighborhood allows participants to become part of the community for a time.

The house has twelve bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a large living room which is equipped as an educational theater.  It also houses a computer lab, laundry facilities, and a ping-pong room.

The ITD House was previously known as the Burnett House.  It was built in the Colonial Revival style in 1898 by William A. Burnett, owner of the H.D. Fearing Haberdashery (hat-making business). This beautiful house is well-known and loved in Amherst. ITD has preserved its integrity and honored its historic importance as we maintain and enhance the building.