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Professional Programs

Youth Programs
Cultural Programs
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Cultural Identity
Sports Programs

Professional Programs

Religious Tolerance and Minority Rights

ITD introduces religious leaders, educators, journalists, youth workers, and government officials to American counterparts and to U.S. models of religious tolerance and minority rights.  Goals of these programs are increased religious/minority tolerance, and improved governmental response to religious/minority issues.  We recognize the sophistication of our participants and the fact that they arrive with a great deal to share.  The Americans they work with recognize the need to cooperate as partners in a common struggle. 

Completed programs include: 

  1. Education and Pluralism in the U.S. for Indonesian pesantren (Muslim boarding school) leaders.  Six programs.
  2. Religious Tolerance for educators from the Republic of Georgia.
  3. Islam in a Diverse Society for Uzbek Muslim leaders.  Three programs.
  4. Education and Pluralism in the U.S. for Madrasah leaders in the Balkans and in the Southern Philippines.  Two programs.
  5. Minority/Muslim Youth and Social Integration for educators, journalists, NGO workers, government officials, and other “youth influencers” from Spain and the Netherlands.  Two programs.
  6. Immigration and Integration for youth from Spain, the U.S., and the Netherlands. 

Educationback to top

Civic Education
Through a combination of classroom sessions and thoughtful site visits examining the concepts of citizenship and democracy, ITD equips institutions and educators with the skills and resources they need to effectively prepare students to participate as active citizens in a democratic society.

Completed programs include: 

  1. Civic Education, for Romanian curriculum developers.
  2. Civic Education, for Kyrgyz curriculum developers.
  3. Civic Education, for Armenian curriculum developers.
  4. Civic Education and Pluralism, for Indonesian educators, administrators, and government representatives.
  5. Civil Society and Leadership, for Indonesian teachers of English. Two programs.

Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, and Educational Administration

ITD trains early-childhood through university educators and administrators to develop effective educational practices to improve their own educational institutions. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Primary and Secondary School Curriculum Development
  • Teacher Training
  • School Administration and Curriculum Reform
  • Methods for Educational Assessment
  • Educational Technology
  • Basic Education-Accelerated Learning
  • Early Childhood Development and Education

Completed programs include: 

  1. Teacher Training, for primary school teachers from Honduras; for multi-grade primary school teachers from Costa Rica; for secondary school and early childhood education teachers from El Salvador; for vocational/agricultural teachers from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador; and for American Peace Corps volunteers.
  2. Management of Training and/or Training of Trainers, for government agencies and Ministry of Health officials from Indonesia, Bulgaria, Sierra Leone, Benin, Turkey, and Lesotho.
  3. Training of Trainers, for Nicaraguan teacher trainers.

Adult Education and Training of Trainers

In ITD's Training of Trainer Programs, participants learn the theory and practice of adult education. Participants are able to practice a variety of learner-centered, participatory methods that encourage active dialogue. We provide training, technical assistance, and materials development services. Specific areas of expertise include:

  •  Training Methods & Program Design (TOT)
  • Management of Training Systems
  • Adult Literacy
  • Nonformal/Adult Education
  • Development/Selection of Materials and Methods
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Facilitation Skills
  • Design of Training Programs
  • Evaluation of Training Programs

Completed programs include: 

  1. Women's Literacy, for NGO workers in Afghanistan
  2. Training Trainers, for public health officials from Indonesia.
  3. School Reform and Decentralization, for ministry officials from Thailand.
  4. School Administration, for school administrators from Guatemala.
  5. Primary School Curriculum and Educational Projects, for school board members from Costa Rica.
  6. International Education, for school teachers from Taiwan.
  7. Introduction to Secondary Education in the U.S., for Dutch high school teachers (2 programs).

Community and Organizational DevelopmentT back to top

Community Mobilization and Leadership
Coupled with national leadership, community mobilization is a powerful tool in achieving economic and social advancement. Through ITD's participatory training approach, community and NGO leaders acquire a variety of skills that help make them effective change agents at the grassroots level and up. We provide training in the following areas:

  • Community Leaders as Change Agents
  • Community Mobilization through Participatory Learning and Action
  • Gender Equity and Community Development
  • Increasing Participation in Community Projects
  • Understanding Advocacy and Public Leadership
  • Using Appreciative Inquiry for Organizational or Community Development
  • Understanding Change and Resistance to Change
  • Developing Effective Materials for Nonformal Education and Training
  • Using Technology and Media for Community Mobilization
  • Theater for Development and Group Facilitation Skills

Completed programs include: 

  1. Intersectoral Mobilization, for business leaders, journalists, academics, and environmentalists from the Czech Republic.
  2. Strengthening Civil Society and Ethical Government Practices, for Russian community leaders, journalists, and government officials.
  3. Leadership Training, for community leaders from Bulgaria, Belize, El Salvador, Bolivia, and Peru.
  4. Community Leadership Development, for community leaders from Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, and Russia.

Development Management and Planning

Project managers and decision makers are introduced to a broad range of performance-based management strategies.  Participants will develop concrete management plans to address issues and challenges they face in projects and organizations at home.  Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Development
  • Regional Planning
  • Managing Community Development Projects
  • Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Completed programs include: 

  1. Strategic Management and Planning, for Indonesian national and regional government officials. 
  2. Non-Governmental Organization Professional Development, for NGO managers from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. 
  3. Economic Development, for Russian employment specialists.
  4. Community Organization and Project Management, for community leaders from Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Ecuador.
  5. Regional Planning, for Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs officials.

Language  back to top

ITD's language training ranges from survival English classes in short-term training programs to intensive study using vocabulary from particular fields of interest. English language instruction can be combined with any other ITD capabilities.  We offer the following courses, varying in length from three to six months

  • English for Special Purpose
  • English as a Foreign Languag
  • English and Cross-Cultural Training for Businesspeople

Completed programs include: 

  1. English for Special Purposes, for agricultural extensionists from Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China.
  2. English for Speakers of Other Languages, for Korean businesspeople.


ITD's journalism programs focus on the responsibility of the media to strengthen civil society, using the U.S. model of a free press to exemplify the ethical advantages of a separation between the media and the state.

Completed programs include: 

  1. Developing Skills in Journalism, for journalists from Haiti.
  2. Rule of Law, for journalists from Indonesia.
  3. Ethics in Journalism and Investigative Reporting, for journalists from Indonesia.
  4. Journalism and Public Relations, for a ministry official from Macedonia.

Library and Information Sciences back to top

ITD partners with the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science to emphasize the role that libraries play in the community to advocate civic values. Participants visit various U.S. libraries, from children's libraries, to one-room public libraries, to vast university libraries.

Completed programs include: 

  1. The Library's Role in Civil Society, for public librarians from the Republic of Georgia.
  2. The Library's Role in Civil Society, for public librarians from Kyrgyzstan.
  3. Developing University Librarian Skills, for librarians from Kosovo.

Governmentback to top

Public Administration, Strategic Planning, Decentralization
ITD helps public administrators and financial officers develop skills to manage the transition from centralized, controlled systems to a decentralized market economy characterized by transparency and the free and rapid flow of capital and information. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Economic Development Practices
  • Government Budgeting And Financing
  • Training Trainers of Public Administration

Completed programs include: 

  1. Public Finance, for finance ministry officials from Moldova, Turkmenistan, and Lithuania.
  2. Public Administration, for local government officials and university professors from Peru, Bolivia, and Bulgaria.
  3. Public Administration and Training of Trainers, for trainers from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Ethics in Government
ITD projects explore the three most successful components of the fight against government corruption: prevention, investigation/enforcement, and education, in the context of a specific country. Participants are prepared and encouraged to raise public intolerance of corruption, to promote anti-corruption reforms at the local level, and to mobilize targeted, effective citizen campaigns to combat corruption.

Completed programs include: 

  1. Transparency in Government, for journalists and government officials from Tver, Russia.
  2. Issues in Governmental Ethics, for journalists, government officials, educators, police, and NGO representatives from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Businessback to top

ITD's broad range of training and internship programs promote private sector development. Our Business Program addresses the needs of both private entrepreneurs who are striving to build sound business skills and government policy makers striving to support the growth of micro, small, and medium sized enterprises. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Small Business Skills and American Practices
  • Growing Small Businesses in a Transitional Economy
  • Women's Micro-enterprise Development
  • Entrepreneurship for Craftspeople
  • Asian Social and Business Customs for American Businesspeople
  • Employment and Training

Completed programs include: 

  1. Business Internships, for Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and the Republic of Georgia for small business owners.
  2. Small Enterprise Development, for community leaders from Ecuador.
  3. Small Business Management, for micro-entrepreneurs from El Salvador, Colombia, and Costa Rica
  4. Business/Employment Strategies, for employment specialists from the Newly Independent States.

Healthback to top

The ITD Health Program blends increased medical knowledge with techniques of nonformal education in order to educate populations about good health practices, disease prevention, and health care management.  We provide training and technical assistance services in the following areas:

  • Managing Child Survival Organizations
  • Managing Public Health Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Business Practices for Medical Doctors and Dentists
  • Community Outreach Health Education and Training
  • Training of Trainers in Government Health Policy and Practices
  • Social Marketing for Improved Health Practices
  • Hospital Management, Evaluating Community Health Programs
  • Community Health Education for Nurses and Auxiliary Nurses

Completed programs include: 

  1. Public Health Outreach and Education, for Russian health professionals and government officials (Two programs).
  2. Planning and Administration of Public Health Programs, for Ecuadorian public health supervisors.
  3. Maternal and Child Health Education and Management, for Bolivian health educators and Salvadoran child survival directors.
  4. Hospital Management, for Indonesian hospital administrators.
  5. Community Mental Health, for Salvadoran mental health workers.
  6. Community Public Health Techniques, for auxiliary nurses from Ecuador.
  7. Health Education, for Bolivian health educators.

Disability Services
ITD introduces people with an interest in disabilities to the kinds of services offered in the U.S. Participants share experiences with Americans, speak with disability experts, and tour facilities to begin conversations about practical change and realizing the potential of people with disabilities.

Completed programs include: 

  1. Strengthening Services for Children with Disabilities, for disability and government workers from Romania.
  2. Strengthening Services for People with Disabilities, for disability workers from Ukraine.
  3. Sports Initiative/Girls in Sport, for Indonesian sports and disability professionals.

Environment and Agriculture back to top

As governments, donors, and citizens become increasingly concerned with the environment and the sustainability of natural resources, there is a growing need for collaborative strategies for environmental protection and natural resources management.  ITD's extensive network of environmental and agricultural technical experts provide training in applying practical tools and results-oriented methods for building cross-sectored solutions to environmental challenges. ITD provides training and technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Community-based Natural Resource Project Management
  • Vocational and Agricultural Education
  • Multi-stakeholder Watershed Planning and Management
  • Environmental Education
  • Design and Management of Agricultural Extension Services
  • Communication and Social Mobilization in Environmental Protection
  • Adult Education for Extension Agents
  • Farmer Field Schools for Integrated Pest Management

Completed programs include: 

  1. Environmental Education, for community development professionals from Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru; for Bolivian school directors and community promoters; for environmental educators from El Salvador and Jamaica.
  2. Watershed Planning and Management, for municipality officials from Honduras. Two programs.
  3. Stakeholder Collaboration in Environmental Protection, for professionals, journalists, and environmentalists from the Czech Republic.
  4. Program Development and Social Marketing, for Salvadoran environmental educators and environmental promoters.
  5. Irrigated Vegetable Production, for Peruvian farmers.
  6. Strawberry Production Techniques, for farmers from Poland.
  7. Cooperative Extension Management, for Guatemalan agricultural extensionists.
  8. Integrated Pest Management (and ESL), for agricultural trainers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. 

Academic Programs

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These "Study of the U.S. Institutes" are conducted for three audiences: 1) Teachers, Teacher Trainers, and Curriculum Developers, 2)  University Students, and 3) Scholars.

Completed programs include:

  1. American Studies Curriculum Development, for secondary school teachers, curriculum developers, and administrators from Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Eurasia. Fifteen programs.
  2. American Studies and U.S. Democracy, for German and Polish professors.
  3. The American Media, for German and Hungarian professors.
  4. American Studies and U.S. Democracy, for university student leaders from Latin America and Pakistan. Thirteen programs.
  5. The Environment and Energy, an institute for university student leaders from Brazil, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, and Russia.

Youth Programs

Cultural Programs

Cultural Identity

Indigenous people can use their cultural roots to survive and flourish. ITD helps leaders develop a strong cultural identity by asking: how are traditions preserved? how do these traditions get recognized in the larger community? how can the community at large become involved in preserving its own heritage? Along with using traditional learning strategies, ITD arranges exchange programs between indigenous peoples from the U.S. and those of other countries.

Completed programs include: 

  1. Strategies for Nurturing and Strengthening Cultural Identity, for indigenous leaders from Guatemala and Ecuador.
  2. Developing Cultural Understanding through Art for visual artists from Latin America and the U.S

The Arts

ITD arts programs offer visual and performing artists the opportunity to cross cultural boundaries.

Completed programs include: 


  1. Cultural and Arts Exchange for silk carpet and embroidery artisans from Uzbekistan; full exchange with American artisans.
  2. Using the Performing Arts With At-Risk Youth, for South African performing artists; full exchange with American artisans.


Sports Programs

In active programs, ITD introduces an array of sports opportunities, with visits to recreational professionals, clinics, professional and amateur games, as well as lectures on sports management and exercise science. Participants create and take home an action plan to increase access to sports.

Completed programs include: 

  1. Sports Initiative, for Indonesian recreational sports event volunteers.
  2. Sports Initiative/Girls in Sport, for Indonesian sports and disability workers.
  3. Sports Initiative/Training Youth Basketball Coaches, for youth from France and the U.S.
  4. Sports Initiative/Girls in Soccer, for Prospective Soccer Coaches from Kosovo and the U.S.